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Planning Division

The Planning Division deals with technical and aesthetic issues as they relate to land use, environmental concerns, and zoning.

Current Planning is responsible for: administrating the City's Zoning Ordinance, regulations, policies, and codes; processing planning applications for the Streets & Trails Commission, Planning Commission, and the City Council; environmental review of projects; plan checking of projects as they relate to zoning and land use; responding to telephone calls and inquires both in writing and at the public counter; field inspections of existing and proposed sites for final occupancy and other planning issues; and business license review for new and existing businesses in the City.

Planning activities of advance planning include: research, data analysis, and report writing of federal, state, and local mandated documents required of City Government for legislative review and compliance. Other documents are prepared in an effort to seek funding from various federal, state, and or local agencies, for an array of land use projects. Additionally, updates and amendments to the Norco's Zoning Code, Municipal Code, and Norco's California Environmental Quality Act Guidelines are prepared as well as reports under separate cover to reflect new and or required legislation.


Public Counter: Monday through Thursday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm or by appointment

Telephone Assistance: Monday through Thursday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
at (951) 270-5661

Steve King, Planning Director
(951) 270-5662

In an effort to assist you better, planning applications can be downloaded by clicking on the PDF links below.

 Appeal Application (unk)
 Architectural Landscaping Review Application (unk)
 Commercial Vehicle Exemption Permit Application (unk)
 Conditional Use Permit Application (unk)
 Conditional Use Permit Application for Accessory Building (unk)
 Entertainment Permit Application (unk)
 Freeway Oriented Sign Review Application (unk)
 General Plan Amendment Application (unk)
 Large Family Day Care Application (unk)
 Planning Information Letter Request (unk)
 Pre-Application Review Application (unk)
 Sign Review Permit Application (unk)
 Similar Use Finding Application (unk)
 Site Plan Application (unk)
 Site Plan Application for Residential Accessory Buildings (unk)
 Special Event Permit (unk)
 Special Event Sign Permit (unk)
 Swap Meet Application (unk)
 Tentative Tract/Parcel Map Application (unk)
 Variance Application (unk)
 Zone Change/Specific Plan Amendement Application (unk)

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