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George A. Ingalls Veterans Memorial Plaza

Welcome to the George A. Ingalls Veterans Memorial Plaza!
The George A. Ingalls Veterans Memorial Plaza (GIVMP) will provide all of us an opportunity to make sure we never forget the price paid for our freedom. On 1.5 acres of parkland in Norco, CA also known as Horsetown USA, there will be a stunning memorial unlike any in Western Riverside County.

The funds raised for this memorial will be used for the construction and labor of the memorial. Pre-construction consultants have provided design services of the memorial pro-bono. Additional monetary contributions are being sought along with donated labor to help construct this memorial.

Freedom has many names. They include the names of the men and women who have answered their country’s call to service and defended freedom with their lives. It is important to recognize the contributions of those who gave their lives in the service of their country. We welcome any contributions to this cause which will preserve the legacies of the names on this memorial for generations to come. Together, we can bring the stories and sacrifices of American heroes to life, and ensure they will never be forgotten.

Who is George A. Ingalls?
George A. Ingalls was a Norco resident who died in Vietnam on April 16, 1967 and posthumously received the Congressional Medal of Honor. Army Specialist Ingalls threw himself onto a grenade to save the lives of the members of his squad. His gallantry and selfless devotion to his comrades were in keeping with the highest tradition of the military service and the United States Army. As a youth, George was involved with local sports, attending Norco Junior High, and Corona High School. Ingalls was also the president of the youth group at the Community Church of Norco. George Ingalls had a sense of loyalty not only to his sports teams, but to his family, his church, his community and his country. Because of his dedication and supreme sacrifice, the City of Norco has named its largest park in his honor, George Ingalls Equestrian Event Center.

Mission Statement
The Veterans’ Memorial Executive Committee was established in February 2013, by the Norco City Council. The Committee is responsible for policy, veteran designation and research, fundraising and capital development towards construction cost for a new Veterans’ Memorial. The George A. Ingalls Veterans Memorial Plaza will be the first Monument in Norco to honor veterans of all wars, by name, in one place. Regardless of one's rank; one's branch of service; or one's generation of conflict, giving your life for your country is the highest price to be paid. The mission of the Executive Committee started in February of 2013, embraced the goal of making sure that our veterans "Shall Not Be Forgotten".

The Memorial phase I, construction is proposed for dedication on November 11, 2014. The Committee is currently conducting fundraising efforts for: Commemorative bricks and/or pavers, Service branch medallions, Ingalls Memorial Statue, Les We Forget Columns, and information is available for purchase or donation; please see Sponsorship Opportunities section for more details. Visit this page frequently for information on operating hours and special military occasions. Thank you for your support!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Color Renderings of the George A. Ingalls Veterans Memorial Plaza

Military Brick Order Form

Through generous donations the Veterans Memorial Executive Committee is able to offer financial aid to Veterans or families of Veterans who need assistance paying for a Veterans Memorial Brick. These funds will be distributed to the Veteran or Veteran’s family to help offset costs for Veterans who otherwise may be excluded from participating.

To apply for assistance, click on the following link:
George Ingalls Veterans Memorial Brick Assistance Program

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